Photography List

Photography By Ata Mohammadi

She is a unique creation with every aspect of her being There’s a woman within me, who smells like apples It all depends on your glance How do you paint it? the strokes of your glance, defines him She’s a mother She’s a sister She’s a woman. She’s life itself. She holds you within herself with all her being, and her eyes defines anticipation and she’ll support you fully Her eyes is a strange spectrum She’ll give you her all Just be a good keeper... All of the photos assembled by hand, and the software is not involved

Each frame illustrates a story that has the individual entities within the image are suffused with their own meaning, the difference between the objects creates a message, a metaphor. The question is: what distinguishes Ata Mohammadi’s works from the adverting industry with its sheek communication?do they mark a renewed quotidian reality in which regular objects can be transformed into works of art?

Fine Art, Conceptual